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At iSports Services, we are proud to be the strategic partner of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP), one of the most important sports organizations in Venezuela and the Caribbean. Our strong partnership with this organization has allowed us to provide a comprehensive set of services to enhance your brand and take it to new heights.


From planning to creative brand strategy, we work hand in hand with the LVBP to develop a solid and captivating identity that connects with fans and sponsors. Our team of experts successfully manages the online and offline presence of the LVBP, maintaining an active and committed ecosystem.


Additionally, our experience in sponsorship portfolio management and property negotiation has fueled their financial growth and the acquisition of high-level sponsorships. Through detailed sponsorship ROI analysis, we help LVBP optimize its activation strategies, maximizing the impact of its commercial partnerships. At iSports Services, we are dedicated to driving the continued success of the LVBP in the exciting world of Venezuelan professional baseball.

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